by Slithy Toves

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four pop songs followed by four country songs followed by three pop country songs

recorded july and august 2015 at the guest house

thanks so much to spencer sult for the use of his interface, kevin christopher for his nice mics, all the guest house folks for putting up with incessant noise for a month and a half, and every cool cat in olympia who makes their own music.


released August 20, 2015

river nason- instruments, voices, engineering



all rights reserved


Slithy Toves Olympia, Washington

river nason n friends

olympia, wash.

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Track Name: New Design
raven hair and a black balloon
heart belongs to the summer moon
eyes of blue and the realest smile
oh, won't you come and visit soon?
too late; mistakes been made
should have stopped, should have stayed
evening time when the nights grow long
my thoughts return to my summer maid
it ain't the light i'm runnin from although it looks to be
it ain't a new design that keeps me from my misery
it ain't the earth beneath my feet that tells me something must go wrong with no exception for a heart that seeks to breathe
please don't mind if i leave
my mind's not at ease and i'm giving up on a kind of release
that my mind says i need so i tell myself i'm better off alone
sunshine and peace of mind
places we have left behind
the sky still rains and the grass still grows but she don't stand the test of time
the best friend that could have been
i never even let her in
i'll use this shame and adjust my aim to never miss a shot again
Track Name: Guess I've Been Gone Too Long
take a walk down mercer on a sunny afternoon
count the cranes and know that it will all be changin soon
well i guess i been changin too
weave amongst construction sites on union, pike, and pine
well i used to know these dirty streets, i used to call them mine
knowing i was theirs as well
but time and distance cut the same and tendrils of possession retreat
and i won't lie and say that i don't miss it when i visit but the lights don't shine the same
guess i been gone too long; everything has changed about the place that i am from
old familiar streets look wrong to my eyes
but life goes on discreetly; i can tell this place don't need me no more
and the grass was always green until they cut it down and built a place for wealthy folks to spend their money
i met you at bauhaus by the bridge across I-5
drinkin kool-aid and black coffee til they called for closing time
well they never opened up again
and then you played at the josephine and you took off all your clothes
had a busted synthesizer that you fingered with your toes
and you smoked a cigarette each song
well the josephine is history and bauhaus is a gutted frame
and i saw these changes coming but i guess i always hoped that maybe you'd still be the same
guess i been gone too long; everything has changed about the place that i am from
even my old friends been movin on with their lives
though there still remains a mystery, uncertainty of what's to come next
and i do concede the part of me that loves the way things used to be don't always know what's best
and it don't keep me away; i find myself believin i'll be comin back someday
a person is defined by the place that they're from
and growing's about changing and it's strange and rearranging is hard
and if i go back it would be not through the lens of memory that i gaze upon streets no longer mine
Track Name: There's So Much I Could Do!
lady luck! i have lately learned a lot from you
but i don't like to live allowing you to lead
though i know my course is straight and true
i don't long to list and drift effortlessly
so set the sails! these seeds we'll sow with certainty
there is somethin bout the sight of sacred shores
though they may be distant, certainly
it's the journey, not the goal, that offers more
and yet i can't decide where my fortune lies
is it beside me, obscured by butty skies?
or do i venture off the beaten trail onto a path much stranger?
my heart can't figure out
there's so much i could do
how do i end up like you
i just don't know what to do with myself
when my heart is hardly beating heartily
with a pulse that pauses between precious beats
if i sit and search my memories
i should like to find a smile upon my cheeks
but if i fail to fight the force opposing me
and i die alone and broke with some disease
well my soul will rest quite comfortably
if the journey that i'm on feels complete
and yet i can't decide where my fortune lies
is it behind me, a forest enterprise?
or do i venture off to find the grail into a world of danger
my heart can't figure out
Track Name: Girl//friend
"what in the world am i going to do now?"
i said to thin air
my girl, in a whirl of the world
left me standing there
it's amazingly painless, a strange sort of aimless,
and somehow i don't care
for the sun on the trees and the salty ocean breeze
reminds me why i'm here
girl, friend, you're better than the world, friend
but don't you fix on me
girl, friend, i love you like the world, friend
but don't you fix on me
wind in my hair and my soul without a care
as i wander through my mind
it's a dungeon with no demon, a man who seeks a reason
but reveals none to find
am i going mad? am i happy, am i sad?
am i losing all control?
is it wrong of me to postulate there's not a way to subjugate
the love that's in our souls?
but i need you now tonight (no one feels better than you)
only you can make me right (you make me grin like a fool)
and we won't turn off the light (cuz that don't matter at all)
when i see your face, there ain't no time and there ain't no place
that i would rather be than right here next to you
currents of the mind change direction all the time, oh, what am i to do?
Track Name: Five A.M. in NYC
well the trees here are ghosts but i'm makin the most of a life in this town gettin run to the ground.
cuz the dream is alive, and with a fire inside, you can get past the grind and get to that place where life is alllllllright.
and then the day goes past
and the light grows dim
and the colors run dry as the night slithers in
and you're still not asleep as the morning draws near
new york is so lovely this time of year
well i give it my best, and i don't get no rest, but i'm climbin my way up to some place that i hope i can stay.
and if i give up and go, don't you let my friends know, but i ain't gonna run cuz all of this pain is half of the fun
and then the day goes past
and the light grows dim
and the colors run dry as the night slithers in
and you're still not asleep as the morning draws near
and you don't have no time for the things you hold dear
and you fight to survive through the smoke and the steam
and you lose every fight to this heartless machine
and it pulses and thrives as it leaves you behind
it's a wonderful dream, but it sure isn't mine
i've seen how it shines; had them stars in my eyes. but those big city lights, if you look long enough, you're bound to go blind
and you can keep all the wealth and that magic you sell cuz i can't be enticed by the brand of a dream that comes at this price
and the days go past
and the light grows dim
and the colors run dry as the magic wears thin
and you don't want to wake though the morning is here
new york is so lovely this time of year
Track Name: I'm Yer Man
i been gettin a feelin i never had to deal with up in my chest right here
i thought it was a heartburn, i really couldn't discern, but then it came perfectly clear
y'see, you been all around me, and girl, you astound me, like no one ever else before
and i've seen you can see through anything that ain't true, and i consider that a score
but i don't always expect you to hold my hand
but i still want you to know that i'm your man
sometimes life is hard and i understand
i just want you to know that i'm your man
there's gotta be a reason, the weather or the season, that you and i are always so in tune
or maybe it's the planets; i still don't understand it, but you reflect the sun just like the moon
the time we spend together could not be any better and that feels like the way that things should be
and if you ever doubt it, don't worry babe, i'll shout it, and everyone will know that you're with me
but i don't always expect you to understand
i'll do my best to explain cuz i'm your man
and if things ever get a little out of hand
i just want you to know that i'm your man
Track Name: Ain't No Savin Me Now
there ain't no savin me now
and there ain't no good way to talk about
the wrong that a man thinks that he can
get away with and not be found out
there ain't no switch to turn back
this train's on a whole different track
and god only knows where these rails will go
and the headlight don't cut through the black
you used to say i'm the reason all your grey skies turned to blue
all the beauty of a love that coulda lasted
gone like the breeze after you
so why lord oh why's it so hard to do right?
my sins of the shadows expose in the light
my head in my hands for now i understand
that you won't believe in me now
seems love is its own kind of wealth
you got enough love, you don't need too much of anything else
but it's plain to see there's no way she'll trust me
when i can't even trust myself
and there ain't no pain on this earth
you could inflict to make me feel any worse
my heart and my dreams have both ripped at the seams
and lie useless and stripped of all worth
i must have thought that i was special
some strange breed of infallible mind
now i see that i'm just dumb and i'm blind and i've wasted
your trust, but what's worse is i wasted your time
so why lord oh why's it so hard to do right
my sins of the shadows expose in the light
my head in my hands for now i understand
that you won't believe in me now
and there ain't no savin me now
Track Name: All Good Things Must Die
it seems that all good things must die
it always hurts to say goodbye
but what's worst is when you never even see it coming
there's never a right place or a time
there's always something else on your mind
but when someone loved is gone, you'd better make the time
i see but don't believe, though right in front of me
you slipped and fell beyond the blowing veil
i'm trying to let it be but you're such a part of me
in time i'll find that there's a night i'll smile for real
they say that everything must pass
and nothing pure was built to last
but that don't mean it never changed a life just by bein
of course i'm wrecked to see you go
but you left me with this glow
and i sure as hell won't ever give it up for nothin
Track Name: The House On The Road To The Mountains
times may change but the devil stays the same
he may go by different names but still remains
i may grow like the grass up through the snow
in a place i have to know will someday be replaced
every distance seems to be so near
but the mountains bring a fear of finally seeing clear
green grass grows all along the dusty road
and you'd think i would've knowed my path would veer
half the time seems the road is on my mind
but i have faith in time my way home i will find
words can't say how i wish that i could stay
i feel it every day that i have to spend away from my home
all my friends will stick with me til the end
and my heart will break and mend and i cannot defend
life goes on if i'm here or if i'm gone
i'll be back before too long but please, don't take my place.